Kids want to have fun!

Create a teen or youth center

Create a teen/youth center. Kid’s want to have fun is currrently focused on an indoor playground at The Five Lakes Mall. We are also looking for individuals that have an interest or are knowledgeable in providing options for our teens and youth in the Fairmont area. Please contact us or Laura Olsen at

Laura Olsen


Ed Willett

Meaghan Slama
Sara Edmundson
Megan Johnson
Kendra Pomerenke

April 2017- Online donations are being accepted! You can click { HERE } to donate!

March 2017- There has been progress working towards an indoor playground at the Five Lakes Mall! Details are still in the making, the playground would be “soft” equipment, handicap accessible, targeted to young ages. Local businesses have pledged funds to support this effort. Follow the Facebook page “indoor playground at the mall” and Poject1590 to stay up to date!

The City of Fairmont has an account in place to accept donations. Donations can be mailed or delivered to Fairmont City Hall or Fairmont Chamber of Commerce.

Starting off!

First meeting was held on Wednesday January 13,2016. The group compiled a list that encompassed activities and opportunites for youth of all ages.