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Mari Phalen

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Mari Phalen with The Fairmont Lakes Foundation




Update: October 16, 2015 discussion on a holding pond on Dutch Creek would enhance the water quality of our lake as well as improve spawning areas for game fish. This project was discussed with Representative Bob Gunther and Senator Julie Rosen at an information session with members of Project 1590. The Fairmont Lakes Foundation was also present and indicated the retaining pond on Dutch Creek was their top priority in the lake management. Marin County soil and Water is presently monitoring sedimentation, flow rates and contamination coming out of Dutch Creek. By creating a reservoir on the creek, sediments would settle there rather than Hall Lake. Also, nutrients which contribute to algae growth would be “filtered out” be aquatic vegetation in the retaining pond. Both Senator Rosen and Representative Gunther were supportive of this plan and provided information as to what grants are available to fund the project.

The Fairmont Lake Foundation has been instrumental in clearing shoreline, lake clean-ups (George and Amber) as well as fish management. They also have expanded lake access in the form of three new fishing piers and securing public access on the south end of Amber Lake. The Dutch Creek holding pond has been proposed for years- it’s hoped that 1590 and The Fairmont Lakes Foundation can jointly bring the project into fruition.

The Fairmont Lakes Foundation meets the 1st Tuesday of each month at 5:30 in the SMEC building.