Amy Long

My family and I are relatively new to the Fairmont area. My husband, Ross, and I are both originally from Iowa. I grew up not too far From Fairmont, on a farm in Thompson, IA.

We have three children and our desire has always been to raise our kids in a smaller community.  Ross is a teacher at Fairmont Elementary School and I serve as the administrator for Mayo Clinic Health System Fairmont.

Both personally and professionally, I have a desire to see Fairmont continue to make efforts to both sustain and promote a vibrant, healthy community.

Let’s not underestimate the difference we can make by coming together for the good of our community – both for today’s residents but also for our children who may one day call this community home. We also can’t forget to spread positivity to newcomers as they are evaluating making a decision to live here and become a part of our wonderful community!

“Great communities don’t just happen on their own. They are created strategically and intentionally. And they are almost always created through local solutions.” – Quint Studer, from the book titled Building a Vibrant Community