For your convenience, we have packaged our logos and put them in a zip file for use in marketing projects. Please contact AdMfg, Inc at 507-238-1243 for any questions regarding the use of our logos.

When using the Project 1590 logo, you agree to the following:

  1. You may use the logo(s) only in the exact form provided by Project 1590 and only to accurately and actively link from a website that is under your control to the home page of
  2. You may not incorporate the logo(s) into any other logo or design.
  3. You may not display the logo(s) on any website that disparages Project 1590 or its products or services.
  4. You may not frame or alter the Project 1590 logo in any way.
  5. At Project 1590s discrection, you will immediately remove the logo(s).