Reuse Reimagine Vacant Buildings

 Our Goal is to employ and exhaust a variety of tactics to encourage and

recruit productive uses of buildings that  are sitting vacant within our city.


Our mission is to advance the condition and use of properties in the city of

Fairmont with a focus on vacant and underutilized buildings,

through collaboration with the city and other groups with similar goals.


Committee Meetings take place the 1st and 3rd Mondays each month

in the Hy-Vee dining area at 3:30 p.m.

Tim McConnell or (320)761-1682

Ann Osborn

John Windlund
Barry Altman
Judy Leiding
Dave Johnson
Lois Johnson
Frank Winzenburg
Kaye Winzenburg

A note from Chair; Tim McConnell:
I am Tim McConnell, chair of the R/R committee. The “Photo Press” has graciously allowed us to have a spot to promote our activities and help people get connected with the information and resources that are available in our City and County to help fix up or repair homes and businesses in Fairmont.

ABOUT OUR GROUP –  If you have never heard of our group before it’s because we are relatively new, forming last May of 2015, out the “Top Ten” initiative to discover what the people of Fairmont care about most, run by Project 1590.  As such we are a subcommittee of Project 1590.  The Reuse/ Reimagine Vacant Buildings (full name) came from 2 different but similar goals merged into one. We are tasked with looking into the condition of buildings in our city, but specifically why there are so many falling into disrepair, underutilized or vacant and to seek solutions for them.

That’s a big task!  Where do we start? How about we measure the problem by taking a survey from the curb? That’s what we did.
WINDSHIELD SURVEY – We drove or walked the entire city to determine how many properties need help, or are vacant, and where they are located. Each property that was determined to have a need was recorded on a form.

Currently R/R is tabulating over 700 forms collected by our volunteers during the Windshield Survey.   In collaboration with the City of Fairmont, we will be entering all this data into a searchable, mapable data base.  When we are done we should have the ability to map the various needs of our buildings.

OUR NEED – If your hobby or passion is entering data, we could sure use your help!

Tim McConnell – Chair of R/R committee.
Raising Up Fairmont – Helping People Help Themselves!

*Our windshield survey work is complete, with the exception of some commercial properties. Thank you to all who worked on this project!

See our article in the Fairmont Sentinel  from August 4th, 2015.