Survey Results



Destination Downtown Fairmont

  • Revitalize our historic downtown

Beautify and Maintain Our Waterways

  • Improve the quality of our lakes and shorelines

Reuse or Reimagine Our Vacant Buildings

  • Clean up or reuse the vacant buildings in Fairmont

Retail Business Recruitment

  • Enhance the restaurant and retail environment

Community Multi-Purpose Center

  • Community center for all ages and citizens

Expand our Multi-Purpose Trail System

  • Expand our current bike/walking trails around the city

Celebrate Fairmont!

  • Community pride- create a community of festivals

Enhance Fairmont’s Natural Waterpark

  • Create recreation opportunities on our lakes

Business Friendly Environment

  • Create and implement stand out incentives as part of economic development to position Fairmont as the region’s center for entrepreneurs

Kids Just Want to Have Fun!

  • Create a teen or youth center

Keep ’em Alive!

  • Coordinate and support community organizations to bring other ideas to reality