From the Ground Up

The From the Ground Up committee hosts an annual event typically located at a local farm. Each event focuses on a different theme. First and foremost, the event’s purpose is to acknowledge and celebrate Martin County agriculture. Secondly, agriculture knows the importance of connecting the ag community with those that may not have an agricultural exposure. Connecting on a person-to-person level through conversations is paramount to the success of the event. Lastly, we showcase agriculture in either displays, demonstrations, hands-on experiences or speakers. The event is invitational only as our target audience is influencers. These influencers can be community leaders, business owners, educators, and political leaders along with farmers.

Innovations in Agriculture – August 4th, 2022

After a hiatus due to COVID-19, we brought back our annual agriculture event. It was held on the Moeller family farm with a focus on teaching those outside the agriculture industry about how technology is making a difference in crop and animal production.

The six different booths were C & B Operations, which talked about tractors and nutrient applicators; Minnesota Soybean, which went over soybean products; NuWay- K&H Cooperative, which went over drone technology; Easy Automation Inc., that shared information on automating animal feed, grain and fertilizer; Tonne Century Farms, which grows hops that are used in Lost Sanity Brewing, which provided the drinks for the event; Barn Tools, which shared information on barn monitoring.

A meal was also served from Lola’s Catering in New Ulm and dessert was sweet corn ice cream with a variety of toppings.

Farm Crawl – July 25, 2019

Our 4th annual event was primarily hosted at the Martin County Fairgrounds. The focus for the 2019 event was to showcase four local, Martin County farms, and learn how each is practicing sustainable farming. It was held in a Farm Crawl format, so a tour bus transported guests to each location. Local vendors were also brought in for an exclusive Farm Crawl Farmers’ Market.

Feeding the World – July 25, 2018

Our 3rd annual event was hosted at the Tumbleson Family Farm. The 2018 event focused on Martin County’s exports of pork, corn and soybeans and where in the world they go. Guests “traveled” to Canada, Mexico, South America, Japan, and South Korea.

From the Ground Up Event – July 27, 2017

Our 2nd annual event was hosted at Hugoson Pork.

From the Ground Up Event – July 2016

Our inaugural event was held at LB Pork. It developed as part of the original Project 1590 focus areas to highlight local farmers and their importance in the community and beyond. Agriculture is an important part of our livelihood in Martin County and our ag partners are a major economic engine for our community. We are celebrating our local partners in agriculture, community leaders, medical professionals and our neighbors. This event promotes engaging in interesting conversations about ag production and how it relates to the food that we eat and the products we consume. Our goal is to continue to grow our region “From the Ground Up”!

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