Kids want to have fun!

Kids Just Want to Have Fun, a sub-committee of Project 1590, is composed of community members with a passion for creating unique activities and opportunities for the area’s youth. Our emphasis is on hosting annual events meant to create opportunities for unity and fun between the youth and their various adult role models, while also completing permanent projects geared toward youth, that may also be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Our group remains grateful to the many generous donors who assisted us in completing our goal for the indoor playground. The grand opening and ribbon cutting was held on February 20th, 2018. We are excited to announce that our next project idea is a permanent 9-hole miniature golf course that will be located near the Fairmont Aquatic Park. We are still in the fundraising phase and have already secured numerous sponsorships for holes.

Please contact us or Laura Olsen at

Laura Olsen

Ed Willett
Meaghan Slama

Kristy Olson
Kendra Pomerenke
Besty Tino
Chris Hasek

Thank you to the following donors for their support of our indoor playground:   
Mayo Clinic Health Systems $3,500.00
HyVee $250.00
Dr. Jeff Fordice, DDS $100.00
United Health District $2,500.00
Hometown Sanitation $100.00
Fairmont ECFE PAB $1,000.00
CHS $2,500.00
Dr. Lund, DC $500.00
State Bank $500.00
Fairmont Lions Club $200.00
Fairmont Family Dentistry $500.00
Ed and Rita Willett $50.00
Chris & Laura Olsen $150.00
Tim & Meaghan Slama $100.00
Nancy & Nell Johnson $25.00
Misti Christian $25.00
Andy & Kristy Olson $100.00
Jay & Tamarae Schmidt $20.00


April 2017- Online donations are being accepted!

Click { HERE } to donate!

March 2017- There has been progress working towards an indoor playground at the Five Lakes Mall! Details are still in the making, the playground would be “soft” equipment, handicap accessible, targeted to young ages. Local businesses have pledged funds to support this effort. Follow the Facebook page “indoor playground at the mall” and Poject1590 to stay up to date!

The City of Fairmont has an account in place to accept donations. Donations can be mailed or delivered to Fairmont City Hall or Fairmont Chamber of Commerce.

Starting off!

First meeting was held on Wednesday January 13,2016. The group compiled a list that encompassed activities and opportunites for youth of all ages.